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China Finance, launched in 1950, is a bimonthly journal with full color printing. With monthly issuance of more than 210,000 copies, the journal is the most influential professional journal in the Chinese financial community. China Finance characters itself as a magazine geared to well-educated audiences with authoritative information; thus it contributes a lot to financial policies publication and operation, financial study, financial reform and opening and...

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ISSN: 0578-1485


Cover story

 3Preface: Less Emphasis on Bank Asset Size
 9Development and Supervision of China’s Financial Comprehensive Operation
Pan Gongsheng, Deputy Governor of PBC
12Being a Reformer and Innovator in Financial Times
Jiang Jianqing, Chairman of ICBC
14Upgrading the Financial Service Ability of Supporting Enterprises Going Global
Tian Guoli, Chairman of Bank of China
16Delivering Positive Energy Through Development Achievements: An Interview with Wang Hongzhang, Chairman of China Construction Bank
Jia Yingying, Reporter of China Finance
20Special Topic: Giving Full Play to the Decisive Role of Market
35Virtual Currency is Essentially Not a Currency: A Case of Bitcoin
Sheng Songcheng
41Special Topic: Transformation and Upgrading of Joint-equity Commercial Banks
53Unleashing More System Benefits From Reforms
Sun Lijian
55Top Ten Events of China Finance in 2013
57Top Ten Events of Global Finance in 2013
60Exploring the Road to People-oriented Urbanization 
Xiao Jincheng, Cai Yifei
65Pushing Forward the Development of Financial System Through Reform and Innovation
Lin Tiegang
No.2 Yize Road,Fengtai District,Beijing,China 100071