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China Finance, launched in 1950, is a bimonthly journal with full color printing. With monthly issuance of more than 210,000 copies, the journal is the most influential professional journal in the Chinese financial community. China Finance characters itself as a magazine geared to well-educated audiences with authoritative information; thus it contributes a lot to financial policies publication and operation, financial study, financial reform and opening and...

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ISSN: 0578-1485


Cover story

 3Preface: Writing A Good Article of Deepening Financial Reform
 9Financial Talents Cultivation in Big-data Era
Li Dongrong, Deputy Governor of PBC
12Greenspan-Bernanke Bubbles in the Global Economy
Ronald I. Mckinnon
16Special Topic: Inclusive Finance and Postal Savings Bank Development
24Why Releasing Ceiling on Deposit Rate Leads to Increase of Lending Rate
Sheng Songcheng, Pan Yueyun
30Enhancing Core Competitiveness of Banking Sector
Luo Xi, Vice President of ICBC
43New Breakthrough of Deposit Interest Rate Liberation
Guo Jianwei
45Special Topic: Development and Regulation of Internet Finance
64Mode of Spanish Consumer Finance Companies and Use for Reference
Li Jianhua
71Protection of Information Subject Rights
Cao Ningrong
77Financial Support for Construction of Silk Road Economic Belt
Zhu Surong
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