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China Finance, launched in 1950, is a bimonthly journal with full color printing. With monthly issuance of more than 210,000 copies, the journal is the most influential professional journal in the Chinese financial community. China Finance characters itself as a magazine geared to well-educated audiences with authoritative information; thus it contributes a lot to financial policies publication and operation, financial study, financial reform and opening and...

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ISSN: 0578-1485


Cover story

 3Preface: Chinese Dream and PBC ’s Dream
 9Integration of Urban and Rural Development Brings New Opportunities to Financial Industry: An Interview with Han Jun, Vice Director of Development Research Center of the State Council
Wei Gejun, Editor-in-chief of China Finance
14Support of Insurance Industry for Shanghai Free Trade Zone Construction
Liang Tao, Assistant Chairman of CIRC
17Special Topic: Commemorating the 65th Anniversary of PBC ’s Establishment
33Special Topic: Comprehensively Deepening Financial Reform
44Managing the New Transitions in the Global Economy
Christine Lagarde, Managing Director of International Monetary Fund
4730 years of Hong Kong's Linked Exchange Rate
Norman Chan, Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Monetary Authority
49Special Topic: RMB-denominated Cross-border Transaction
57What Kind of Land System New Urbanization Needs
Wang Xiaoguang
69Practice of Banking Sector’s Opening-up to Private Capital in Taiwan
Fan Wenzhong, Zhou Teli
75Optimizing Layout of Issuance Warehouses in Grass-roots Branches of PBC
Ma Tianlu
No.2 Yize Road,Fengtai District,Beijing,China 100071