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China Finance, launched in 1950, is a bimonthly journal with full color printing. With monthly issuance of more than 210,000 copies, the journal is the most influential professional journal in the Chinese financial community. China Finance characters itself as a magazine geared to well-educated audiences with authoritative information; thus it contributes a lot to financial policies publication and operation, financial study, financial reform and opening and...

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ISSN: 0578-1485


Cover story

 3Preface: Passion and Sense of Finance
 9Further Expanding the Pilot of Credit Asset-backed Securitization
Liu Shiyu, Deputy Governor of PBC
13Establishing Sustainable Financing Mechanism for Urban Infrastructure Construction
Pan Gongsheng,  Deputy Governor of PBC
16Enhancing Banking Abilities to Deal with Interest Rate Liberation
Yi Huiman, President of ICBC
20Strengthening Financial Consumer Protection
Wang Zhaoxing, Vice Chairman of CBRC
24Continuously Promoting Construction of Hong Kong Offshore RMB Centre: An Interview with Norman Chan, Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Monetary Authority
Sun Furong, Reporter of China Finance
27Special Topic: Credit Asset-backed Securitization
45Insurance Industry Development during Global Economic Recovery 
Kurt Karl, Chief Economist of Swiss Re-insurance Company
47Special Topic: Transformation of Trust Industry
60China 2013 Q3 Financial Performance Analysis
Ren Tong
66China 2013 Q3 Financial Statistics
74Exploring Framework of PBC Audit Capability Construction
Gao Xiaoqiong
No.2 Yize Road,Fengtai District,Beijing,China 100071